We’re making a website for a personal support offering business and require only particular comments in a few unique web pages. How can enable remarks, then disable it, and then erase the unwanted feedback. I additionally to eliminate feedback in every post banned some needed write-up. It is important. I should not turn off in each and every article just a few specific submit. What I realised was – Well if you are not a programmer much like me , then use eliminate responses plugins , their a variety of in wordpress blogs repository , research them based on popularity and attempt the like-minded one particular for your website. Should you have information about html coding i imagine its easier , Available a short article that may make suggestions on both the techniques :

As the title says, this video will show you how to disable comments on all posts or pages in a bulk action.

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  1. To maintain new posts from being made a comment:

    Settings >> Chat >> uncheck InchesPermit website visitors to posting remarks on new reportsIn .

    To repair pre-existing content:

    Content >> pick all and InchAlterHalf inch under mass measures thus hitting submit an application >> opt for In .don’t letIn adjacent to opinions and hit update

  2. You can opt for aprove than publilsh in hubpages soo no mail messages will displayed however, your picks

    nonetheless its alongside time if you need information convey to i then willl check out the information in your case

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