Truth in Advertising – Your Car

Wrote this little blit last week, but I forgot about this until I was in today, but general forces conspired against me. Hate when that happens. That said, last WEEK… This morning, it’s running a cool, mmm… 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside? OMFG. It’s cold (similar to yesterday, but worse) and that made my observation yesterday […]

Of Little Boys and a Man

Calvin and Hobbes - Little boys

So this isn’t the most savory of topics, but it mystified me the other day. It was and still is one of those head scratching moments.  It still mystified me today when that particularly memory came back to roost in my head as I went by our bathroom.  How did we get here? That whole […]

Missing Helicopter in Four Oaks NC

Dec 25, 2014 – A missing helicopter was reported around 3:45pm on Dec 24, 2014 near the town of Four Oaks, NC.  A Radio Shack 2014 Skyking, recently acquired for Erickson Enterprises by Kristty Smith as a Christmas gift, was reported missing and presumed downed approximately 2 minutes after final takeoff on Wednesday.  There was […]

Jamie Gertz – still hot at 48

Watching TV last night with the girlfriend and we started watching “The Lost Boys” with a very young Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland.  And hey, who is that honey on the back of Kiefer’s motorcycle?  I know her…  I have seen her in…  Crap – a bunch of things, but not a one of them […]