Fall – Windows Updates

Upgrade Windows XP

Wow, we just got a snap of cold here in the Raleigh area.  The thing that always bugs me about our fall is that it seems to go so quickly.  Seems like we get those nice 60-70 temps for a short period before we get downright cold.  This winter promises to be no different.  Apparently […]

What You Should Know About Windows – Some Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been a user of Windows for any length of time, you are probably aware of the improvements and enhancements that Microsoft has continued to add with each new edition. While not every version has been a complete success (read “Vista” and before that “Windows Millenium Edition” (ME) ), overall the glitches and bugs […]

Outlook 2007 and ScanPst.exe

Solving Outlook 2007 Problems with Scanpst.exe

There’s nothing more annoying than… Your email not working right. Outlook 2007 in this case. Seriously, there’s a lot of things more annoying than your email not working right: computer not booting at all, an unexpected computer shutdown that hammers your last hour or three of work, the girlfriend deciding you need to go walk […]

Windows 7 – Tips And Strategies On Making It Faster

All things being equal, Windows 7 will run faster than earlier versions of Windows, even if you don’t do anything special to your computer.  And we are ALL about getting some performance out of a computer!  Yet, how fast your computer runs depends on many factors, and making some tweaks here and there can often […]