Hack attempts drive me nuts…

People see a website…

I don’t know what the general population thinks about webmasters, hosting companies and all the affiliated services that go along with creating and maintaining a website.  I am going to guess that a lot of people really DON’T think about it and just expect when they slap their website out on GoDaddy or 1and1 that it will just run forever.  Well, folks, I’ve got news for you – it likely won’t.  And it likely won’t run for more than a few reasons.

Retool Your Website – NOW.

The biggest reason is that browsers change and software updates.  Your all-tweaked out down to the pixel web design works beautiful on the current version of (pick a browser) but almost assuredly, it’s going to go south on you at the next browser update – or one of them at least.

If you use something like WordPress, many times these themes ARE well-written and highly tested.  Well, the PAID themes are usually well-written and highly tested.  Free ones can be a little lacking.  If you have one of these paid themes, many times the designer will go back and update as needed to cover changes, add features and all that.

Hackers and HackBots

The NEXT biggest reason across the board (and perhaps even a bigger reason for certain types of websites) – hackers, hackbots, script kiddies, and viruses.  When your site is hosted on someplace like GoDaddy (we know because we have accounts there too) or 1and1 – they normally hide the ugliness from you.  Not sure exactly what they do to protect the sites that we don’t see, but I’ve never had one drop or get beat to death over there.  It may be that they throw more horsepower at their sites than some of the other hosting companies.  I know ixWebhosting is pretty quick to kill off my sites if they start getting blasted by  bots and running up the CPU usage.  It does NOT make me happy, but I like them a lot in the big scheme of things.  I almost always get to talk to a human when who actually answers the call and all that, but… I digress.

So when I’m running my own server, then I have to worry about all that stuff. Do I have the spare horsepower to serve a 10 hits per second bot onslaught? Or more? Truthfully, I shouldn’t need to – there’s no reason for 90% of the visits to my sites. Useless bot traffic looking for a site dumb enough to be using “admin” as the username and a dictionary password that it can hack. IF that’s you, change your username. Now.

Protect Your Hosting

And it’s not always the easiest thing to do – protect your hosting.  We use a few different plugins to protect our WordPress installations. WordFence is a favorite and seems to have some great features and options.  There’s another one that we use, Bulletproof, that is a lot more intrusive and quirky to setup, but does do good stuff.

But what can you do to NOT waste a lot of horsepower right off the bat loading up the WP stuff only to deny when the bot/hacker starts guessing passwords?  You COULD actually start putting hefty htaccess files in place on every site. On the down side, when you have oh 50-250 sites running, that gets pretty time intensive fast and very painful to have to update.

While we run – gads… sites on about 10 different servers, plus a slew of others for customers, we like the server level blacklist features when we have them.  That protects all sites on that particular server. Not all servers have this.  In some cases you may be able to install it as a feature, but if you can, I suggest you do it.  My favorite server tool is cpHulk.

Server Level Bot/Hack Protection

I was watching bogus access requests come in all day long yesterday.  Most were caught by cpHulk and I saw emails coming in from those brute force attacks ALL day long.  cpHulk offers the ability right in the email to blacklist the offending IPs in a few different blanket approaches – the single IP, the /24 range and the /16 range.  So I spent some time doing that yesterday.  But you know what?  The crap just kept on coming.  From outside of those IPs that I had blacklisted yes, but nonethess it was enough to cotinue to annoy me.  I hopped in this am and what do I find?  CPU usage up due to servicing bogus wp-login requests (bot most likely) on a few different sites.  D*MN it.

Okay, I had done this before, but discovered, after I did it, that one of my customers actually needed to have international traffic.  She’s on another server though, so this time I was free to get REAL ugly.  So, cpHulk blacklist to the task.

The place that I’ve used in the past and today again, WizCrafts.net. This guy keeps very up to date IPs available for firewall blocking uses. As much as I would like to let everyone read all of my kick-ass content, I really hate the amount of hack attempts. I realize that a lot of them are bots, but every once in a while, I see the ones that are not bots. Normally I suspect that server should be well protected via the automatic cpHulk and WordFence or bulletproof security plugins, there’s no need for someone from Korea to be hitting a majority of my sites. Different language right off the bat – and besides a LOT of them are actually local services sites. So how often do you suspect someone from China is going to call for water damage repair in Raleigh NC? Probably not too often.

False Sense of Security

Do NOT kid yourself into believing that ALL hack attempts come from China or somewhere besides the US.  We still see a number of attempts caught right here from good old US servers and Canadian IPs. You’ll really take down your odds of general attack though just by blocking out anything not in your actual area.


Choosing a Computer Repair Technician

happy-angier-computer-userWe can not deny the fact that nearly each house has a computer.
Nearly all the things we do now, work, school and even interaction are mostly done through computers. It is then important that we have knowledge on how to do computer repair. It doesn’t require us to know everything about computer repair because there are things that only trained technician can do, but at least we have an idea about computer repair.

You don’t have to worry though when looking for someone to fix your computer because there are a lot of computer repair technician out there that you can trust. You can search for some online or you can simply call some company that provides such services. However, you need to be careful on whom to trust your computer for repair.

You must see that they’re effective at repairing different types of computer trouble when picking a computer repair technician. You must see that their capacity isn’t restricted. This is the reason since it is simple to discover if your tech is doing what’s necessary to be done or not you should get a notion on the basic principles of computer repair.

When choosing a computer repair technician, you need to see to it that they are capable of fixing different kinds of PC problem. Computer issues can vary to the most straightforward to the most technical issue. Occasionally, the most effective way to stop computer repair would be to understand the best way to take care of your computer nicely. You must know what shouldn’t be done to your personal computer to stop damage. In addition, you need to find out what the signals that consideration is needed by your computer are. It’s extremely significant as well that you follow directions carefully.

For a trusted computer repair Raleigh NC technician, get in touch with BuckeyePC.net. They have proven their proficiency in repairing computer machines throughout the Triangle and nearby areas.

Computer repair servives are extremely helpful in this day and age. In case your concern is budget, you can contact a company beforehand that they will be assigned in fixing your computers when you need them.

Also, computer repair is one facet in our own lives that we need to take note of particularly that we all are dwelling in a computer era.


Why Do YOU Need SEO?

Why Do I Need SEO For My Website?

As a company owner, probably you have invested the time to make sure your company runs easily, hiring employees you can trust to help you. The problem for most companies is the truth that they do not invest much time in what is most important to keep their company afloat, which will be marketing.

Exactly why is Top Spot On Google So Highly Sought After?

Everyone recognizes that being found online in the most effective spots due to their desired terms can result in increased sales since web visitors trust these places. Statistically that is also supported with results showing the top spot receiving around 33% of the traffic for key phrases. The amount falls drastically for each serial position with results to the second page getting almost no clicks at all. http://copynight.org/

This Is Where SEO Come In

Getting back to basics - Search Engine Optimization raleigh ncWhat this signifies for you personally as a business man could it be is paramount to do what you can to procure the top standing for each one of your desirable key word for your sector. The most effective area gets the most business. While it’s highly possible to train yourself in the procedures required to be successful in specially Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing, it is not advocate to waste your own time since as a business owner you should be centered on the overall functioning of your organization. Hiring outside to specialists is highly recommended for all specialized services and SEO definitely falls into this group.


Just in case you weren’t aware, there are hundreds of Raleigh SEO specialists in important cities all most likely clamouring for the business so more than likely you have been pitched by a few of them over the years. The promises of top standings and lots of business perhaps turned you off from even entertaining these unwanted offers but since you’ve been prepared a bit on why you desire these seo services, it’s time to determine just how to truly pick the best one for you. A competent consultant is going to be updated on all current methods as well as technologies, which makes it quite impossible for you personally as a company owner with no previous expertise, to compete on the same level as them if you attempted this by yourself.

Evidence Of Standings Is Gold

Remember that a web designer who asserts to be an expert is usually not being fully true. Although they may be able to optimize a web site correctly so that you can pull in the search engines, that plays just a minor role in the real position of your website. External factors for example getting high quality links and on-page factors account for virtually 90% of attaining high standings. An uneducated web designer may believe they understand that but they’ll be readily trounced by even the average Search Engine Optimization any day.

Just Use The Best

Work with a firm with a proven history in attaining high positions on the search engines. You wouldn’t use an attorney that hasn’t won any cases, so just why would you use a search engine pro without history and expertise in becoming rated on page one?

The Importance Of Engaging A Qualified Data Recovery Expert

The Value Of Engaging A Qualified Data Recuperation Specialist

If you are a regular user of a desktop computer or a laptop computer– for specialist or personal factors– you comprehend that a true tragedy in regard to your computer system is the loss of beneficial information. Here, it is very important for you to have access to a qualified as well as skilled information recovery professional. Certainly, you are well offered if you have recognized a certified information recuperation expert in advance of ever in fact having a problem to make particular that you have somebody you could resort to throughout an emergency.

In almost any type of city of community of any type of dimension nearly throughout the globe today you will certainly have the ability to discover people that are in the business of supplying data recovery solutions. Additionally, there are many information healing service providers now in operation and also in company on the Internet as well as World Wide Web.

The obstacle, certainly, is finding just the ideal data recuperation professional exactly who could ideal fulfill your requirements in time of an information loss situation. Because of the value of the information that you preserve on your desktop computer or laptop, it is absolutely critical that you acquire the solutions of the best qualified as well as most capable information recuperation specialist in your time of requirement.

The primary step that you need to take in seeking a certified, reputable as well as trusted data healing service is to ask around. Word of mouth can be one of the very best ways in which you could learn about a prospective data recuperation provider. Figure out who your coworkers utilize in regard to information recuperation services.

It is very important for you to recognize how a specific information recuperation company operates as well as functions in a time of requirement. You absolutely will want an information recuperation company that reacts rapidly, that acts skillfully and that has the ability as well as experience required to solve typical information recuperation emergency situations.

When you get some referrals from buddies, you could want to do a little bit a lot more research on just what is available in your neck of the woods in regard to information healing companies. The Web can be a handy tool for identifying different information healing that are in operation in and around your community.

With word of mouth and also your own research, you can then develop your very own list of potential data recuperation company. As you develop this list, you could after that make appointments to meet with various information recuperation company to establish if they have companies that might serve to you ought to you ever be encountering an information healing emergency situation.

Ultimately, by taking your time and also doing your research before an information healing emergency situation, you will remain in a placement to carry board the best feasible data recuperation service provider to help you in your time of requirement. By being prepared, you will certainly be able to promptly and also properly react to an information recovery emergency.

Building Your Website Business With An SEO Professional

Structure Your Website Company With A Search Engine Optimization Professional

Many people participate in the globe of developing an Internet based business by themselves. They really feel that due to the fact that they realise the best ways to access as well as take on some traits on the Internet that they realise enough to establish a total Net business marketing plan. In factor of fact, the common Net local business owner in fact does unknown all they has to recognize in relation to Online marketing and also promo. If you are in the procedure of starting or producing a Net based corporate, you ought to give significant consideration to utilizing the companies of a SEO expert to help you in developing your personal Internet business marketing strategy and also program.

Certainly, the fundamental advantage to be recognized from utilizing a Search Engine Optimization specialist to assist you with the development of a Web marketing and also promotion plan is experiences. SEO growth is something that needs encounter in order to be effective. Thus, in your search for a SEO expert, you will certainly wish to know precisely what kind of experience a certain SEO professional may have before you involve that individual to aid you with your company venture.

The best way to get info concerning a SEO expert’s encounter in business is to acquire referrals from the professional. Absolutely nothing bespeaks an individual’s capabilities– consisting of a SEO specialist– compared to previous clients. By examining references you will certainly be able to identify whether a particular Search Engine Optimization professional has the encounter, capacity as well as capacity that will certainly offer you as well as your corporate interests.

You may think twice to work with a Search Engine Optimization expert since you believe such a professional will be also expensive. If you are like many local business owner, you do try to preserve a strict budget. You try to prevent any unnecessary expenses.

With that claimed, you need to check out the hiring of a Search Engine Optimization expert as being an investment in the future of your firm or company. By preserving a Search Engine Optimization professional, a certified SEO specialist, you will certainly have the ability to have actually developed for your business a marketing system that will bring in more web traffic to your internet site. Even more web traffic translates right into more corporate. Naturally, additional company suggests enhanced income. As well as, eventually, an increase in profits– obtained without breaking the bank in the process– will mean much more benefit from your business enterprise in the future. Basically, and as has been pointed out, hiring a Search Engine Optimization specialist could be a solid financial investment for your business.