Why does just 1 review show up on my Google Business?

and the REST of the question – “…and my page shows 9 reviews?” Wow, this question from an old friend of mine stirred up the smoldering embers of anger regarding Google. Just thinking about all the decisions that have been made in the past 4 or 5 years by Google. Don’t let anyone kid you […]

Google needs to eat it’s own dog food

Google needs to be eating it's own dogfood

I really don’t want to bitch, but YES, I do. It seems like everything in life can get stacked up against you some days. Here’s a nice simple task. And this bit of bullsh*t is brought to you by primarily the fine folks at Google. F*cking eggheads. I think this world would be a whole […]

Why Do YOU Need SEO?

Why Do I Need SEO For My Website? As a company owner, probably you have invested the time to make sure your company runs easily, hiring employees you can trust to help you. The problem for most companies is the truth that they do not invest much time in what is most important to keep […]