The Talk

Watching TV – naturally – but today is the Sunday shows – “Face the Nation” – and there is a discussion of race going on. Great piece about how things have come along since the early 60s and integration/voting rights were initially attempted. Conversation about walking across the Pettus bridge – named after a Confederate […]

Raisin bran with a splash of SOY?? – not

Idiots - making me angry.

OMFG.  What the world REALLY needs is Sam Kinnison back. Sam, if you’re up there – if there’s any WAY you can work something out with the REALLY Big Guy – please do so.  The world is rife with idiots and imbeciles that need to be called on it. I was sitting here on Sunday […]

Changing the name of Aycock Dorm at ECU

ECU/Aycock - Rewriting History - An American Hypocrisy

Really?? WRAL (yes, I’m watching the news already this am…)  just reported on a meeting to discuss changing the name of Aycock Residence Hall at East Carolina University to something else.  Why you ask?  Because he was a spokesperson in 1898 and 1900 of white supremacy campaigns. Listen folks, end the wailing, gnashing of teeth, […]

Our thin blue line – get a grip

I sit pretty much in my chair every night.  Right here in front of the computer with my TV right next to it.  And as such, I watch the news pretty regular.  You know what’s getting my goat these days?  You’re absolutely right – a LOT of things. But this one in particular – all […]