You know, I thought I had always been on the “right side” of the fight my entire life by promoting freedom of speech, freedom of beliefs and most of the things I THOUGHT the liberal side of the fence hold sacred.  I’ve been riled at what I take to be threats to those freedoms by raging right wing zealots – trying to stifle opposition to anything but Creationism, anti-abortion causes, etc.  While the far more open-minded “liberal” group wants to open people’s minds to new ideas and acceptance of those ideas ostensibly,  this past week’s “panties in an uproar” over Brendan Eich being promoted to CEO takes the cake and I think is the straw that broke THIS camel’s back.

Fire the guy for being incompetent, fire him for being crap to his employees, fire him for any number of technical or business reasons, but for expressing his OWN opinion by supporting Prop 8? Granted, he stepped down and it wasn’t an actual firing – but it was all precipitated by those same “expansive” minds that want everyone to embrace gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, and all that – all those “progressive issues” that cause so much friction.  I personally am ALL about being open to other things – and I FULLY believe in the right for gays to become married, unioned, or whatever a particular state might call it.

What I saw THIS week was those purporting to be open-minded, and always at odds with those “closed-minded” right wing types, being exactly what they rail against.  It appears to ME that those open-minds involved in this past weeks activities railing against Eichman have become the antithesis of what open-minded should be.

So, we’re damned if we have a position on anything.  Gay,  anti-gay – apparently neither position is acceptable. Apparently the only thing that WILL be acceptable in these “United States of the Offended” is having NO public position on anything.  What the hell happened to being able to hold an opinion?  To even support it?  I’m not gay, but I’ll sure support YOUR rights if that’s the situation.  And I’ll damned well support someone like Brendan Eich’s right to ACTUALLY HAVE AN OPINION.

And OKCupid and all the self-righteous indignants out there?  Here’s some “awareness raising” for you, jackasses.  I’ll be supporting a boycott of OKCupid – not for holding gay or anti-gay sentiments – but for being intolerant of other’s viewpoints.

And Mozilla?  I use it, I love it and will continue to use and love it. I am however highly disappointed that they let the left wing idiots dictate to them what kind of leadership they should have at the front of this awesome piece of software.  I’m somewhat disgusted that they went on their OWN BLOG and APOLOGIZED for picking a technical leader for their company. God forbid.

So count me FIRMLY in the usually quiet majority. I’ve never had ANY desire to be associated with the right wing bible thumping idiots, nor do I (at this point) have any desire to be associated with the expansive “liberal” minds from this week’s shameful display.  I’m so embarrassed to even have called myself a liberal at one point, I suspect I’ll refer to myself forever more as a “Realist.” and never utter the word liberal in association with my name again.  I believe watching this unfold, I went far more towards the center than ever in my life.

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