Lost Girl and Anna Silk – FAN!

Had never seen “Lost Girl” until the other day casually channel surfing. Holy crap.  Anna Silk?  Count me a fan now.  Gorgeous gorgeous woman.  The premise of the show is interesting and different and there obviously needs to be a serious hottie in the limelight – I believe they hit the mark nicely with Anna Silk.  AND she’s 39? OMG.

Looked up Anna Silk on IMDB and I see she also played on an episode of Ghost Whisperer.  I have GOT to go see that episode – Jennifer Love Hewitt AND Anna Silk in the same scene? Now there’s a nice thought 😉

See more Anna Silk

Anna Silk

Anna Silk

Can’t mention Jennifer Love Hewitt without a pic now, can we?

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Always hot.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Always hot.

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