Watching TV last night with the girlfriend and we started watching “The Lost Boys” with a very young Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland.  And hey, who is that honey on the back of Kiefer’s motorcycle?  I know her…  I have seen her in…  Crap – a bunch of things, but not a one of them come to mind – even worse, couldn’t think of HER name.  Then to make it worse, saw her in “Alphabet City” too.  And of course, still couldn’t remember her name, nor find it in the quick Time Warner info about either of the movies.  SO, had to look it up this am on IMDB.  She is still a hottie.  For the last 30 years going strong.

Here’s looking at you Jamie!

And of course, we do have some nice shots of everyone’s favoriteLost Girl“, Anna Silk…

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