Outlook 2007 and ScanPst.exe

Solving Outlook 2007 Problems with Scanpst.exe

There’s nothing more annoying than… Your email not working right. Outlook 2007 in this case. Seriously, there’s a lot of things more annoying than your email not working right: computer not booting at all, an unexpected computer shutdown that hammers your last hour or three of work, the girlfriend deciding you need to go walk […]

Outlook 2007 Email Hanging Computer

Fixing Outlook 2007 with OfficeIns by NirSoft

I am still working on the new Dell XPS machine. 8 cores of i7 kickass goodness, 16 GB of RAM, triple monitors – and it hangs whenever the Outlook 2007 email is checked.  My world would just be perfect if… Well, a good start would at LEAST be not having to stop for 15 seconds […]