Choosing a Computer Repair Technician

We can not deny the fact that nearly each house has a computer. Nearly all the things we do now, work, school and even interaction are mostly done through computers. It is then important that we have knowledge on how to do computer repair. It doesn’t require us to know everything about computer repair because […]

Setup Private Nameservers Explained

Great posting over on on setting up private nameservers – sticking it here so I can remember WHERE exactly I found it. Very helpful!!!

The Talk

Watching TV – naturally – but today is the Sunday shows – “Face the Nation” – and there is a discussion of race going on. Great piece about how things have come along since the early 60s and integration/voting rights were initially attempted. Conversation about walking across the Pettus bridge – named after a Confederate […]

Raisin bran with a splash of SOY?? – not

Idiots - making me angry.

OMFG.  What the world REALLY needs is Sam Kinnison back. Sam, if you’re up there – if there’s any WAY you can work something out with the REALLY Big Guy – please do so.  The world is rife with idiots and imbeciles that need to be called on it. I was sitting here on Sunday […]